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Terms & Conditions:

Conditions Applicable:

  • Promotional Offers subject to validity. Will not be honored beyond the validity date. Offers cannot be combined. Refer to the pricing tables.
  • All prices are dependent on the options & packages chosen.
  • The prices are pre-calculated as packages based on pre-determined parameters and requirements.
  • Actual price may vary depending on the complexity and unique requirements. It will be treated as custom package and will be communicated by the sales person.
  • All these pre-determined prices are calculated with the best interest of providing the best possible and competitive price.
  • Additional requirements or complexity needs to be evaluated before the final price.
  • Only domain name as part of the package does not include premium names that are expensive. Only basic domain names based on availability shall be provided.
  • For premium class website package basic video will be provided with 1280 x 720 (HD) animation with 30 second duration.
  • For enterprise class packages advanced video will be provided with 1920 x 1080 (FHD*) animation with 60 second duration.
  • For enterprise class website the price may vary based on the complexity of the functional requirements.
  • Application Integration charges may vary based on the number of integrations and the level of complexity.
  • For enterprise class projects, the number of & the level of documentation required for a project drives the cost. Any additional documents are subjected to additional cost.
  • For enterprise class websites with administrative control panels or content management systems, onetime complementary training session will be provided.
  • Information Architecture is applicable for enterprise class projects and the scope of the information architecture depends on the size of the project.
  • For enterprise class ecommerce package up to 2 languages and currencies are applicable as a part of package cost.
  • For enterprise class packages we will guide with some advanced cloud hosting systems for managing big data and will also reduce the cost for managing huge files with bucket system as a part of packages cost.
  • Projects won’t be started without the confirmation of the project is successful after payment. Start date of the project will be discussed and fixed based on the suitable & available dates. However, confirmed projects get started sooner.
  • The duration of the project varies depending on the requirements, complexity and the review process.
  • Content need to be given by the customer, if in case the customer wants Infomatiz to develop content for their site then it falls under additional charges.
  • Once when the design is been approved by the customer then the money back guarantee becomes invalid.
  • Projects may require the integration of third party services; Infomatiz is not responsible changes/ issues with the third party services.
  • Maintenance and support charges are applicable based on the type of the website. Project online or offline payment constitutes the acceptance of all the above terms and conditions.


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