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Custom Application
Development Services

“Benefit from customized applications with latest technology, frameworks & code factories“
"Go to market quickly without compromises? Please get in touch with our sales team for details."

Why Custom APPs?

Nearly every organization has unique business requirements that cannot be fulfilled by commercial off-the-shelf products available in today’s market. Even the nearest match to your search might not provide the required functionality and the flexibility as being packaged software. Infomatiz is here to shape technology to suit your business.

Tailor-made Applications to meet every business need

We have pre-defined & standardized business processes, frameworks, reusable codes and software development methodology to deploy faster solutions to virtually any industry in a rapid & cost effective way. Every solution is assembled like a product and can grow with the organizational changes without rebuilding solutions each time.

Custom built applications capable of integrating business functions from soup to nuts
  • Cloud Based Enterprise Solutions
  • Robust Application Architecture
  • Process & Data Driven Functions
  • Data Exchange Service Capabilities
  • Complex Role-Based User Management
A choice from various applications customized to fit your business
  • Sales Force Automation & Effectiveness
  • Operational Forecast & Budgeting
  • Business Performance Management
  • Custom Analytical Solutions
  • HR & Staffing Management
  • Project Management Portals
  • Real-time Integrated Applications…

If your business requirements match any of our existing process libraries, no need to build the solution from ground up. It is only a matter of putting the pieces together and customize the solution for you. Try us.


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